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Barambah Vets provides services to cater for both small and large animals

Services provided for small animals includes:

Vaccinations:Up to date vaccinations of your loved ones is important to ensure that they are protected from disease. Our team can assist you with any quetions regarding vaccinations that you may have.

Consultations: Our vets are available for consultations at the clinic or at home at any time of the day or night. Our priority is your animal's health therefore we will endeavour to get to the bottom of any condition or concern that you may have. To ensure that your pet is recovering or to address any other concerns that you may have, our clinic will call within 48 hours after your consultation. We have also recently introduced  ebooks to complement our services that enable owners to take home information to share with other family members that were unable to be present at the consultation.

Grooming: Our nurses take a great deal of pride in ensuring that your loved one looks and feels great. Our grooming services include clips ranging from a simple trim around the face to full body, nail trimming and hydrobaths. Book in today as summer is just around the corner!

Puppy Pre-school: Our relationship and bond with our animals starts from the very first day we have with them. There are always so many questions and concerns that we have about our beautiful puppies and how do we nurture there little spirits and develop a lifelong bond with them. Puppy pre-school is the answer! Our puppy pre-school is held by Netta Bainbridge and is run over a four week block. Although these lessons are structured, there is plenty of time to address any specific areas that individuals may have. Register your puppy today!

Dental: Dental disease is very common within small animals with a large proportion of dogs and cats having some degree of dental disease. To ensure that we are able to provide a high level of dental services, Barambah Vets invested in the IM3 Dental machine. This machine enables us to clean your pet's teeth as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure less anaesthetic time making it safer for your animals.

Surgical Suite

Our fully equipped surgical suite ensures sterility for major procedures and all suites have state of the art anaesthetic machines and patient monitor systems. The dedicated preparation and recovery areas assist patient monitoring. Your pets are in the best of hands.

In House Laboratory

An expanded range of in house Laboratory facilities mean that we can run a large number of blood tests on site aiding early detection of illness, improving monitoring and considerable saving of time. Preanaesthetic blood testing can help show underlying disease.

Anaesthetic Safety

Anaesthetic safety is of upmost imortance to us, so Anaesthetic Patient Monitors are used throughout the hospital. Electronic fluid pumps also allow us to provide accurate fluid and medication administration to your pet.

- Desexing
- Surgery

- Orthopaedic Surgery
- Preventative Care
- Emergency Care
- Pregnancy, Cesarean and puppy/kitten care
- Artificual Insemination
- Laboratory (in house and external)
- Radiology
- Ultrasound
- Senior Pet Programs